For Class XII: Kindly attend PTI-9/10/17 Class X. PTI for your ward on Fri. 6/10/17 from 2.15 to 3.30 pm. XI, XII. Parents of non- school transport users allowing their wards to leave school on their own at 1:40 pm to send written consent for the same. Else they will be leaving school at 1:55 pm. VI-X. All students NOT using the school transport to leave school at 1:55 pm. Vans from gates 3 & 4. Parents from gates 1 & 2. Parents who drop their wards at Gate No5 of the school by their own vehicles Classes 1 to 5: For Own Transport Escorts OTHER THAN PARENTS (parent authorized relatives, maids, personal or van drivers). Entry through ONLY Gate No. 4 will be permitted at 1:55 pm w.e.f 03.10.2017. VP Classes 1 to 5: For Own Transport PARENT ESCORTS . Entry through ONLY Gate No. 5 will be permitted at 1:30 pm w.e.f 03.10.2017. VP VI-XII. Students will not be allowed to go out of school without their identity cards. Principal-BVN Classes VI-XII. Students who do NOT use school bus and go back home on their own/with any escort other than parents will leave school from gates 3 or 4 ONLY at 1:55pm. w.e.f. 3/10/17. Classes VI-XII. Parents who pick up their wards from school to do so from gates 1 & 2 at 1:35 pm w.e.f. 3/10/17. Own Transport- Parents/Students Class 11 B D E H to attend ASL Speaking skills on 8/9/17 For Vi-xi: Just a reminder. In view of exams morning sports coaching will remain suspended during September '17. Classes Nursery to IV: School will remain closed for classes Nursery to IV on Tuesday, 05-09-2017 on account of Teachers’ Day. VP Class V: On account of Teachers’ Day on Tuesday, 05-09-2017, the school will get over at 10:45 a.m. Buses will leave at 11:00am. VP Classes X-XII: In view of the Teachers' day on tue.5/9/17, the school will get over at 10:45 am. Buses will leave at 11 am. VI to IX: In view of the Teachers' day on tue. 5/9/17, your ward will have a holiday. For Classes X, XI, XII: Dear parents, Kindly attend International Education Fair in school on Fri. 1/9/17 from 11am to 1pm. Vi-XII : after school extra classes Class X G : Maths Practice test for 'Intro. & Applications of Trigonometry'.... Class X : Maths Practice test for 'Intro. & Applications of Trigonometry' ...... For XI A,C  and  XII A,B,C,D,E,F Procedure for Student login ! Message for VI-XII (Posted on 2-8-2017) Private vans user Half Yearly Exams Vi-X & Terminal -1 Syllabus for classes XI & XII under student login Classes VI-XII. (UT-1,UT-2 )syllabus posted TRANSPORT Children reaching school on their own

Senior Section

Faculty -

Senior Section
Faculty (2017-18)
1 Mohini Goel PGT-ACCTS/B.ST
2 Seema Duggal PGT-ACCTS/B.ST
3 Preeti Chakrobarty PGT-ACCTS/B.ST
4 Mamta Sahni PGT-ACCTS/B.ST
5 Sabrina Walia PGT-ECO
6 Surinder Pal PGT-ECO
7 Vandana Bahl PGT-ECO
8 Piya Narang PGT-HISTORY
9 Gayatri Kapur PGT-GEOGRAPHY
10 Nandini Baweja PGT-POL.SC.
11 Amrita Singh PGT-PSYCHOLOGY
12 Pragya Nopany PGT-PHYSICS
13 Ashish Bhattacharya PGT-PHYSICS
14 Deepti Srivastava PGT-CHEMISTRY
15 Aloka Bose PGT-BIOLOGY
16 Fay Bellew PGT-ENGLISH
17 Bharti Puri PGT-ENGLISH
18 Seema Das Garg PGT-ENGLISH
19 Megha Anand PRT-ENGLISH
20 Isha Rani TGT-ENGLISH
21 Pragya Joseph TGT-ENGLISH
22 Shilpi Bhaskar TGT-ENGLISH
23 Zeeta lawrence TGT-ENGLISH
24 Shweta Sushmita TGT-ENGLISH
25 Trishla Jain TGT-ENGLISH
26 Shipra Malhotra TGT-ENGLISH
27 Kuhu Guha TGT-ENGLISH
28 Seema Dutt PGT-ENGLISH
29 Sumana Ganguly TGT-ENGLISH
30 Deepali Khulbe TGT-ENGLISH
31 Neeraj Choudhary PGT-MATHS
32 Priyanka Chauhan PGT-MATHS
33 Bharti Arora PGT-MATHS
34 Disha Bansal PRT-MATHS
35 Deepika Bagchi  TGT-MATHS
36 Mona Malik TGT-MATHS
37 Tripti Mishra TGT-MATHS
38 Deepa TGT-MATHS
39 Meenakshi Rana TGT-MATHS
40 Deepti Gupta TGT-MATHS
41 Shilpi Gupta TGT-MATHS
42 Monika Bhanjana TGT-MATHS
43 Deepika Pareekh PGT-COMP. SC.
44 Vijeta Bhatia TGT-COMP. SC.
45 Mona Chopra TGT-COMP. SC.
46 Vidya Bakshi PRT-COMP. SC.
47 Smriti Pal TGT-FRENCH
48 Jyoti Sharma TGT-FRENCH
49 Harmukhi Sharma PRT-HINDI
50 Meenakshi Sharma TGT-HINDI
51 Swati Pathak TGT-HINDI
52 Renu Gaur TGT-HINDI
53 Karuna Shukla TGT-HINDI
54 P.K.Thakur TGT-HINDI
55 K. K. Thakur TGT-HINDI
56 Sumana Sarkar TGT-S.ST
57 Rupam Jha PRT-S.ST
58 Nikita Sharma TGT-S.ST
59 Poonam TGT-S.ST
60 Munmun Sharma TGT-S.ST
61 Meghna Vig TGT-S.ST
62 Rajni Hasija TGT-S.ST
63 Mridusmita Hazarika TGT-S.ST
64 Divya Mirchandani TGT-S.ST
65 Pooja Singh TGT-S.ST.
66 Pooja Wadhwa TGT-HOME SCIENCE
67 Kumari Swati TGT-SCIENCE
68 Suchita Sajwan TGT-SCIENCE
69 Jyotika Tayal PRT-SCIENCE
70 Pratibha Balodhi TGT-SCIENCE
71 Hemlata Pandey TGT-SCIENCE
72 Saleeja Naskar TGT-SCIENCE
73 Paramjit Kaur TGT-SCIENCE
74 Sanyukta Bhattacharya TGT-SCIENCE
75 Shweta Sharma TGT-SCIENCE
76 Kirti Bhardwaj TGT-PHYSICS
77 B.N. Jha Yogabharti TGT-YOGA
78 B. Srinivas TGT-PET
79 Alok Kumar TGT-PET
80 Suman Avinash Rawat TGT-PET
81 Tarun Kumar PRT-PET
82 Prashanto Chakravorty PRT-TABLA
83 Mridul Nath TGT- MUSIC
84 Saroj Mohanti TGT- MUSIC
85 Pulak Mukherjee TGT-ART
86 Sushanto Guha TGT-CLAY MOULDING
87 Sampriti Mahanta TGT-DANCE
88 Pushpa Bharti (Special Educator) Special Educator
89 Sarika Saini (Nurse) STAFF NURSE
90 Astha Sahrma COUNSELLOR
92 Payal Malhotra LIBRARIAN