Parent Teacher Association


In keeping with its mission statement and philosophy, BVN School works in close partnership with the parent community. There is an active Parent Teacher Association and open interaction between the Association and the school. Each class has a parent representative in the PTA.

The school works with parents to improvise better learning both in academic & co-curricular activities and also value their inputs and feedback.

Parent Teacher Association (Academic Year 2017-18)
S. No. Name of the Candidate Parent of Class Email Address Teacher Representative
1 Mrs. Kanika Mittal Aashman Mittal I C Ms. Snigdha Dutta
2 Mr. Abhijit Bhattacharya Sanvi Bhattacharya II G Ms. Nupur Kharbanda
3 Mrs. Nidhi Singhal Shashank Singhal III G Ms. Sweta Sachdev
4 Mrs. Savleen Kaur Sargun Kaur IV B Ms. Richa Nagpal
5 Mr. Rahul Khajuria Mayas Khajuria V A Ms. Geetika Kukreja
6 Mrs. Sucharita Datta Gupta Saima Datta Gupta VI F Ms. Deepika Bagchi
7 Ms. Indrani Gupta Neel Gupta Bhattacharya VII J Ms. Isha Rani
8 Ms Himanshu Gupta Dhruv Gupta VIII E Ms. Nikita Sharma
9 Mr. Satyendra Deswal Parth Deswal IX A Ms. Deepti Gupta
10 Mr. Madhusudan Pothal Pooja Priyadarshini X A Ms. Meghna Vig
11 Mrs. Shalini Dhingra Vidita Dhingra XI D Ms. Sabrina Walia
12 Mr. Sanjay Gupta Madhav Gupta XII D Ms. Bharti Puri