Workshops & Seminars

A workshop for Teachers on ‘Coronary Heart Diseases’

Dr. O.P. Yadava and Dr. S. Dwivedi from National Heart Institute held a workshop on ‘Coronary Heart Diseases’.
He suggested several ways we can help reduce our risk of developing coronary heart disease (CHD).

Astronomy Workshop

The Astronomy Workshop’s fifth session was held on the topic ‘The Sun And Its Family’.

A Motivational Talk for the Students

A motivational talk for the students of class 5 was held by Colonel S. Sardana – a serving officer of the Indian Army.

‘Making Right Choices In Life’.

A workshop by Dr. Ramesh Bijlani ex- faculty member of AIIMS was held on ‘Making Right Choices In Life’.

‘Effective Teaching –Learning’

A workshop on ‘Effective Teaching –Learning’ was held for teachers by Mr. P.C. Palety, Founder of C-fore.

Workshop For Teachers

A workshop by the publishing house Scholastic was organized. Ms. Sree Rupa demonstrated the importance of dramatization techniques in classroom

Workshop for Parents On Eye Car

A workshop on ‘Eye Care’ was conducted by Dr. Mahashweta, from Venu Eye Institute.

Astronomy Workshop for Students

Fifth in the series of workshops was organized by the organisation ‘Space’. The workshop aimed at understanding the amount of heat and light emitted by the sun.

Workshop on ‘Early Childhood Nutrition’ for Parents

A workshop on ‘Early Childhood Nutrition’ was conducted by Ms. Anika , the chief dietician at Adiva Hospital. The workshop emphasized on the need for a balanced diet for the healthy growth of young children.

Workshop For Students

In the series of workshops organized by Space Technology and Education Pvt Ltd, the 4th workshop emphasized on the ‘International Year Of Light’ . The activities helped the students to form a strong base on optics and the role of light in everyday life.

A motivational talk for Students

A motivational talk by Deputy Commandant, J.S.Chauhan , Border Security Force inspired the students to work hard towards the betterment of their country.

A workshop on ‘Healthy Body-Healthy Heart’

A workshop on ‘Healthy Body-Healthy Heart’ was conducted by Dr. Sharad Tandon, a cardiologist with Fortis Hospital, Gurgaon, for the students of class 5. The workshop focused on healthy eating habits, importance of exercise and poor lifestyle related health problems.

Workshop by Extra Marks

Mr. Mohammed Sami and Ms. Kusum of Extra Marks conducted a session introducing the new features added to the modules.

Workshop on Role of Teachers

Dr. Shakuntala Dawesar, a medical practitioner and counsellor conducted a Workshop on Role of Teachers in Shaping Students’ Lives.

Workshop on Effective English Teaching

Dr. Lazer Selva Director Training and Placement Loyola College, Chennai in collaboration with the publishing house Ratna Sagar conducted a workshop on Effective English Teaching.

Workshop on National Curriculum Framework.

Dr. Hukum Singh from NCERT spoke about the reasons behind the formation of the National Curriculum Framework.

Parent Counselling Session

Ms. Reeti and Ms. Aakshi conducted a Parent Counselling session on ‘Identifying And Coping With Learning Disabilities In Children’

Blue Circle Story Telling

Blue Circle Story Telling by Dr. Sushma Dhar. Through her story , she taught the children to take care of the environment.

Workshop on “Rocket –A – Space Vehicle”

A hands-on workshop “Rocket –A – Space Vehicle” for classes 3,4 & 5 was organized by the Space Explorers. In the first session, the students were taught how to make a rocket and were made to understand how a simple and an omnipresent thing like air can be used as fuel to launch rockets.

Workshop for classes I & II teachers

Workshop for classes I & II teachers by Ms. Preeti Ahuja of Rachna Sagar Pvt Ltd was organised. It was about how to go ahead with the Hindi text book ‘Sunehari Dhoop”.