Varied Pedagogy

The Curriculum is designed in such a manner that children learn through making and doing things vide experiments, spontaneous enactments, dance, mime, role play, theatre exercises and other activities.

Learning also takes place through interaction with the environment, nature and people. Moving, exploring and doing activities individually and in groups are some of the major focal points of learning.

Each topic is initiated through experiments, story narration, enactment , group activities and activities involving working with hands that help all learners (i.e. visual, auditory and kinesthetic ) to understand and assimilate the topics, making learning more effective and vibrant.


Concentration exercises through play, calms the students and they in turn pay more attention in class that ensures better learning..

  • Indoor Games

Games such as Scrabble, Chess, Carrom are played by children to enhance concentration.

  • Outdoor Games

Athletics, basket ball, football, volleyball and PEC activities are played for agility, balance and coordination.

International Year of Pulses-2016

Project - The International Year Of Pulses -2016 Discussions were held on the role of farmers in growing pulses and importance of eating pulses as part of the diet. The students made innovative projects on pulses in all subjects. This was both educative as well as fun.

Gardening Club

The members of Gardening Club deposited all the organic waste of Junior School in the vermicompost pit. Here the waste is turned into vermicast or manure by insects known as Red Wrigglers. After a certain period of time, the manure is strained through a strainer and used for plants in school. Some are packaged for sale to parents and staff, proceeds of which are used for charity.

Diwali Activity

The students made posters against pollution created by the burning of crackers. They went for a walk in the neighbourhood sensitizing the people against the burning of crackers and how to celebrate Diwali in an eco-friendly way.

Fancy Dress

Fancy dress was organised for classes I & II as an event for the 'English days'. The topic was 'Characters from the Grimm’s Fairy Tales'. Children spoke about the characters that they had become. The focal point of the fancy dress activity was to accentuate speaking skills.