Monthly Events - (Nursery II)

Stick Puppet Activity-I & II

To develop and enhance the speaking and listening skills of children, a Stick Puppet activity was held. The children brought hand puppets of animals and spoke about them. Through this activity, they learnt more about the amazing world of animals.

Gurupurab Celebration -I & II

Guru Nanak Devji's birthday was celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm. The day began with the chanting of hymns followed by a class discussion on the teachings and messages of the Guru. A short movie based on the Guru’s life was also shown. Creative writing and comprehension passages were done on the above.

Gurupurab Celebration -Nursery & KG

Guru Nanak Devji's birthday was celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm. Community Lunch i.e. Langar was organized for Nursery and KG children.

Exhibition by Classes I & II

'Masterpieces can't be captured in frames.' Exhibition put up by children of classes I & II exhibited things related to the festivals of India, China and Australia like decorated pots & diyas, masks & kites of dragons, dolls and easter eggs. Art work related to festivals was also displayed.

Festival of Flavours

To honour, appreciate and strengthen the bond between children and grandparents, the little ones of classes I and II invited their grannies to spend a funfilled day with them. The grandmas came with special festival delicacies and served them with all their love to the children. Chanting of the Hanuman Chalisa followed by a dance performance and then the interviews of the grandmothers by our young reporters gave a perfect start to the day.

Nursery KG-Independence Day Celebrations

The children came dressed up as various freedom fighters.They went on a ‘Slogan Walk’ shouting slogans in praise of their motherland. A special assembly on Independence Day was held where they witnessed the flag hoisting and sang patriotic songs.

Nursery-KG- Fancy Dress

Topic:Freedom Fighters The children came dressed up as various freedom fighters and spoke a few sentences about the same.

Nursery-KG- Show & Tell Activity

The children spoke about the friends of a plant(air, water ,sunshine) their uses and importance.

Nursery & KG-Nature Walk

The children were taken out and shown different kinds of plants and trees. They observed different shapes and sizes of leaves. Some children also spotted mushrooms growing in the flower beds. They collected soil in thermocol glasses , sowed seeds and looked after them till they germinated. The children were told about the medicinal value of plants.

Life Skill Week

Life Skill Week for Classes I & II Collage Making Activity Topic : My School

Life Skill Week

Life Skill Week-12-7-16 to 15-7-16 Life Skill Activity-Napkin Folding by Classes I & II

Life Skill Week-Classes I & II

Life Skill Activity-Polishing Of Shoes

Life Skill Week - Classes I & II

Life Skill Activity - Buttoning up shirts and Hanging them on hangers activity

Book Week-Classes I & II

Book Week- 25-4-16 - 29-4-16 A Fancy Dress Competition was held on 29-4-16 where children dressed up as their favourite story character.

Earth Day Celebrations-I & II

Students took the pledge to Save Earth and made “Save the Earth” Badges

Earth Day Celebrations-I & II

Clean India Green India – Children Picked trash from the garden and threw the same in the dustbin.

Puppet Show-I & II

A shadow puppet show was organised for the children by the teachers.

Earth Day Celebration-Classes I & II

Poem Recitation Song on “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” Table Mat Making using newspapers and waste material.

Earth Day Celebration-Classes I & II

Chipko Movement – The children went out to the kitchen garden and hugged trees symbolically protecting them from being cut.

Mother’s Day Celebrations

Mother’s Day was organized on 7th May in the activity room. The mothers were made to feel special and proud of their tiny tots with a scintillating dance performance and heart-warming songs. There was a motivating talk on ‘Book Reading’ given by Ms. Indrani Gupta.