Special Assemblies

The students of BVN Junior School are provided a platform, to discover their potential and experience life through special assemblies. The topics are based on culture, morality, religion, famous personalities, sports and other important /current issues. These assemblies are performed by classes KG to V.

Keeping in mind the varied interests of the children, each child is assigned a role which he/she executes to perfection.

Special Assembly on 'Christmas in Australia' by I-F & I-G

The students of classes I-F & I-G portrayed the birth of Jesus Christ through a small skit. After that a glimpse of Christmas celebration in Australia was showcased through songs and dances. The audience was excited to know that its a Summer Christamas in Australia and santa wears beach clothes and his sleigh is pulled by six white boomers(kangaroos). The assembly was highly appreciated by all.

Special Assembly on 'Seven Sisters' by I-D & I-E

A Special assembly on seven sister states of India namely Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Mizoram, Ma nipur and Tripura was conducted by classes I-D & I-E. People, Dance forms, Festivals, Places of Interest, Famous personalities from these states were depicted and discussed.
Children danced on the tunes of 'Bharat humko jaan se pyara hai' to show the oneness of these states with India.

Special Assembly on ‘Nature’s Fury- Nepal Earthquakes’ by IV-F

Class 4F held a special assembly on ‘Nature’s Fury- Nepal Earthquakes’. It depicted the disaster caused by the earthquake and its effect on the people.

Special Assembly on 'Children’s Books’ by III-A

Class 3A put up a special assembly on the topic ‘Children’s Books’. The students showcased a skit enacting famous characters from children’s books. The assembly focused on the importance of reading books and also the thought process of the writers in creating the characters.

Special Assembly on 'Greeen Diwali' by I-B & I-C

Class I-B & I-C put up a special assembly on the topic, ’Green Diwali’. The assembly showcased the ecofriendly ways of celebrating Diwali through placards, enactment and dances.

Special Assembly on the topic 'Woman Of Substance' by V-F

The students of Class 5F brought forward the contributions in the field of education and women empowerment by our former chairperson, late Dr. Smt. Sarala Deviji Birla.

Special Assembly on the topic ’Each One Teach One’ by 4E

Class 4E put up a special assembly on the topic, ’Each One Teach One’. The assembly showcased the importance of being literate to bring our country at par with the other developed nations. The necessity to empower women and the under privileged with literacy was the highlight of the assembly.

Special Assembly on ‘Kindness And Charity’ by V-E

Class V-e presented special assembly on the topic ‘Kindness And Charity’.The assembly gave out the message that it is important to make a person self-sufficient rather than giving him material possessions as charity.

Special Assembly on 'A Story Through Kathak' by Class 5G

The story of Ravana as a wise ruler was presented through Kathak by Class V-G, the age old dance form of India.

Special Assembly on 'The Missile Man – A.P.J Abdul Kalam' by IV-D

Class 4D students put up a skit on the early life of the late ex-President of India, Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam'

Special assembly on the topic ‘August Moon Festival by I A and II G

The students of classes I A and II G presented a special assembly on the topic 'August Moon Festival '. They took the audience on a beautiful journey to the enchanting land of China. The assembly culminated with the dragon dance which was highly appreciated by all.

Special Assembly on Eid by Classes 2E and 2F

The children of classes 2E and 2F rndepicted the festival of Eid rnwith great enthusiasm and fervor. The significance of the month of Ramadan was presented through a skit. This special assembly rnrekindled the spirit ofrnbrotherhood, compassion and harmony.

Special Assembly on 'Sunder Pichai' by 4C

The students of class 4C put up a special assembly on the chief executive of Google Inc. They highlighted the journey of Mr. Pichai from IIT Kharagpur to his present position.

Special Assembly on 'Teachers' by KG-C and KG-D

The students of classes KG -C and D presented a fun filled assembly to express their gratitude towards their teachers. Titles of appreciation were given to all the teachers.

Special Assembly on ‘Janmashtami’

The enthusiastic group of students of classes II C and II D showcased a colourful dance -drama on ‘Bal Krishna’. A medley of song, dance, drama and action, depicted the many facets of Lord Krishna when he was a child. The different incidents and amazing events of his life were performed by the students and appreciated by the audience.

Special Assembly on Sports in India by Class 5D

Class 5D presented a Special Assembly on 'Sports in India'. The students showcased the perseverance and achievements of famous sports personalities of India.

Special assembly on MONSOON by KG-A & KG-B

The students of KG A and KG B presented an assembly on ‘MONSOON’ on 29th July 2016. It was a beautiful amalgamation of fun filled songs and lively dances. It was a learning experience for the children which they enjoyed thoroughly. Parents of the Nursery classes were invited to witness the Monsoon Celebration.

Special Assembly on Van Mahotsav

Special Assembly on Van Mahotsav was showcased by classes II- A and II-B. The effects of deforestation and the need to conserve nature was the key message of the assembly. Recitation, songs, dances and music added colour to the presentation. This was followed by a group discussion.

Special Assembly on the topic ‘Save A Life’ by 5A

Class 5A put up a special assembly on the topic ‘Save A Life’. The assembly emphasized on the importance of blood and organ donation.

Special Assembly on 'The Dree Festival’

Class 4B presented a special assembly on the ‘Dree Festival’ of Arunachal Pradesh whereby the students showcased the Harvest Festival through a folk song and a short skit.