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Making experiment based learning of physics, a culture.

The Origin

Teaching and learning of Physics has been an academic challenge over the years. The monotony of teaching the same syllabus and the unimaginative conventional method of imparting the concepts have made it a tedious, tough and stressful subject. There’s a fear of it in most students’ mind.

Thus, IAPT (Indian Association of Physics Teachers) realized it was time to look beyond the expected strategies of teaching and explore the magic of physics in the simplest possible ways, which are not only cost effective but exciting and easily accessible. Thus, ‘ANVESHIKA’ was born.

What is Anveshika?

Anveshika is a revolutionary laboratory open to students and teachers of any school, where they can experience the excitement of physics which is missing from classrooms.

What is Exciting about it?

Eye catching and entertaining low cost activities that bring alive the dull sounding concepts and bring wonder to the students and the teachers alike. The members can develop their own exhibits, delve deeper into any concepts that appeal to them, brainstorm their ideas with peers and experts, avail guidance of resource persons from IIT and other institutions of national/international repute.

What is the power behind it?

Instituted since 2000 by Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT), It has the full backing of IIT Kanpur and Vigyan Prasar, Delhi. The renowned Prof H.C.Verma of IIT Kanpur and Dr R. N. Kapoor, SGM College, Kanpur are its main resource persons, under whose guidance 11 Anveshika centres have been established across the country. BVN-IAPT Anveshika is the latest to join the National Anveshika Network of India.

What is the vision behind Anveshika?

The historical experiments and the devices described in physics books convey to the student a picture of something confined to big laboratories, far removed from ordinary life and unachievable by common people. This makes the subject dull and very stressful and students resort to memorization.

Majority of physics teachers are unaware that many difficult concepts can be easily put across through very simple activities in the classroom, thus saving a lot of explanation time. Even those with an aptitude for such activities do not know from where to procure the material and their specifications. Anveshika is equipped to provide the knowhow.

Anveshika aims to bring in innovation in physics teaching/learning to make it more appealing to both students and teachers.

What is the strategy?

  • In association with IIT Kanpur & Vigyan Prasar, hundreds of short and moderate experiments have been developed at Anveshika which have a strong appeal value and hence can be used for effective teaching.
  • To disseminate such teaching methodology, Anveshika centres conduct one-day workshops named as ‘Introductory Interaction Program’ (IIP). IIPs are the first level workshops which are conducted throughout the year, across the country.
  • ‘National Workshop on Innovative Physics Teaching (NWIPT)-a five to six days workshop is an annual event, organized for only a selected batch of active teachers. The main aim is to equip the motivated physics teachers with inventive ideas and innovative demonstration experiments so that each of them becomes focal point in his/her region to spread the teaching methodology.

What is BVN-IAPT Anveshika?

BVN-IAPT Anveshika provides such a centre at Delhi, located at Birla Vidya Niketan, Pushp Vihar IV, New Delhi. The resource persons are experienced teachers of five different schools of Delhi who have trained with Prof H.C.Verma at IIT Kanpur at the many workshops held there.

What are the benefits to the members?

  • Access to the activity bank developed by IIT Kanpur
  • Opportunity to develop new exhibits of their interest
  • Investigatory unstructured experimentation under guidance from trained experts
  • Opportunity to handle high technology equipment on special occasions
  • Workshops conducted by renowned resource persons

Who can join?

  • The program is initially being thrown open to students of classes VII ,IX and X
  • On special request some students of classes XI and XII may also join
  • All teachers- PRTs, TGTs and PGTs are welcome

Is there any fee?

There is a very nominal fee of Rs 50/- per month, to ensure that the opportunity is valued by the participants.

What is the Work Schedule?

Days: 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month

Time Duration: 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM

Teacher Incharge: Mrs. Pragya Nopany

Contact at:

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