Model United Nations or MUN is an academic simulation of the United Nations. Young enthusiastic students from various institutions participate in these simulations as delegates on behalf of various countries around the globe. These simulations are of various organs and agencies of the United Nations where a range of issues around the world, be they of legal, humanitarian or any other nature.

These simulations give students the forum where they can voice their opinions and solutions to the issues that the world around them faces, while alongside helping them understand how the real United Nations and international conferences work. Though the simulations are truly academic in nature, the element of competition among each other makes the students peruse excellence.

MUNs have become a part of Birla Vidya Niketan’s legacy only due to the undeterred support of the staff, both teaching and administrative. Birla MUN has served as the epitome of zeal and fervour for debating, dissertation and diplomacy since it’s provenance in 2013. With 3 successful editions of the three - day interschool conference, it has successfully aided students from across the breadth of the country with holistic and co-scholastic development and has become one of the most prestigious in the country.